Friday, May 28, 2010

Sex and the City 2.0

A group of my girlfriends were asked to do a shoot for the Star Bulletin newspaper inspired by Sex and the City. I mean, how exciting that we get to portray the four most infamous girls on the big screen right now?! Crystal Pancipanci styled the shoot with clothing by Club Monaco.. I wanted everything in the store.. When we were trying on the various clothing to mimic the individual styles of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, I kept making a mental note of the pieces I wanted to buy! Worst situation for me to be in; easy access to trying on clothes.. I always end up walking out with my purse a bit lighter.. however, my credit card company LOVES me for it.. After adding jewelry, purses, and the necessary headband for Charlotte, I think we got the shot they were looking for.. Sidebar: We may have had practice doing this for photographers before.. we love taking pictures... We're models.. just saying.. this shoot was a breeze..

I can't wait to watch the movie tonight with all my girlfriends!! In need of some style inspiration..

For the full article, check out the online version of the Star Bulletin newspaper, written by Nadine Kam!

..for friendship, clothes, and martini's..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Maui Fever!!

I get a call from my agency, Kathy Muller, to confirm that I got a Westin Maui job.. AWESOMENESS.. AND that it's a 2-day photoshoot.. double awesomeness!! Got my ticket information and began talking with the stylist/makeup artist on what to bring in case what they have didn't work out.. Night before I leave, I'm attempting to pack everything into my Paul Frank duffle bag and put vials of all my liquids into a 3 ounce container or less.. OK, if you know me, you know I tend to bring full-sized everything, so the fact I'm trying to not check in a bag and put everything up to TSA standards took some major talent on my part. Needless to say, I was able to fit everything asked of me and all my toiletries in that little ziploc baggie..

I get to the lovely Westin Maui and get leid and a flower upon check-in.. I never get tired of those traditions...

Spotted were beautiful flamingo's hanging out in the "lobby".. only in Hawaii...

My first shoot isn't until 7:30pm that night, so I get to relax poolside enjoying the resort.. talk about the model lifestyle..

The first shoot entailed me laying underneath these water jets in a "steam room" with my stomach to the table, barebacked.. It felt amazing.. I was getting paid to get a water massage for this shoot?! But here's the catch.. Try doing it for about an hour and a half, looking "pretty and peaceful" and in the same position for almost 2 hours. It slowly started feeling like chinese water torture! Model work is tough I tell you! We wrap day 1 around 10pm and I headed back to my room and munched on well deserved beef jerky, fig newtons, and hot chocolate.. what a dinner!

Day 2 had a 7am call time on the beach.. It was just me and my lone little cabana enjoying the nonstop summer weather (after we waited for the clouds and rain to pass):

We decide it was better to grab an early lunch and continue the shoot after since it was taking awhile for the clouds to roll by.. Free Ukulele lesson anyone?

The sun finally came out and in full shinyness.. We nailed the shot!

Moved onto shot number 2 for the day, which took place at this waterfall.. My bathing suit was inspired by the 50's.. can you tell? Daryl is the art director behind the scenes.. he's awesome.. Side note: I tried keeping my eyes open, smiling and looking happy in the pictures, but it was so difficult since the sun was on full blast.. hoping they got at least one good picture!

...taking pretty pictures to last a lifetime..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stand-Up Paddling!!

I love the water... absolutely enamored by the way it refreshes you on those hot 365 summer days we have here in Hawaii.. (don't be jealous).. So when the producer for Hawaii HI-Lights asked if I would stand-up paddle for a segment on the show, I jumped on it.. AND Igan Inoue would be our instructor! BONUS.. a professional would be giving me the 101.. I brought along my friend Yvonne Midkiff to share the experience and she was just as happy as I was to get our feet wet.. literally... We met up at Kaimana Beach at the end of Waikiki and got a pre lesson on safety, the correct way to hold the paddle, and how our stance should be once on the board.. If you want to see how I held up, you're going to have to watch the show.. I did walk away with an awesome gash on my left foot.. I do my own stunts...

...sunkissed by the shining sun...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hawaii HI-Lights Red Carpet Premiere Party!!

For immediate press release:

Hawaii HI-Lights Premiere Party!! RumFire on May 27th from 6-10pm!!

This Thursday at the elite and sexy RumFire restaurant and lounge will be the premiere party for Hawaii HI-Lights!! The official first episode airs May 30th at 10:30pm, but come watch it before it airs on KITV/ABC, Thursday night at 8pm under the moon and with television hosts Brigitte Patton, Nicole Fox, and Big Koa of Hot 93.9 for the ultimate viewing party!! Free pupu’s and Coors Light drink specials!!

Hawaii HI-Lights is a show on what “to-do” in Hawaii.. anything and everything, bars/clubs, fashion shows and events, concerts, restaurants, touristy features and more.. if it’s in Hawaii and it’s a hot spot, we’re making cameos at them all and even pushing our own adrenaline limits right on camera!! Come join us along with those who helped make this show possible for a night in Waikiki on the red carpet…

PLEASE RSVP (and bring friends!) to Mahalo!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Skydiving and Parachuting?!

What a busy schedule lately.. Been quite the adventure these past few weeks and I feel like it’s whizzing by.. I’m trying to take it all in and not take anything for granted, but let me tell you, my calendar is totally against me.. le sigh.. BUT I can’t say that I’m not having fun.. this particular blog post is going to be one that is hard to top.. daredevil wise.. I went skydiving for the very first time on the North Shore at the Pacific Skydiving Center!! 7am call time to film for Hawaii HI-Lights on a Sunday morning.. no sleep for this girl anymore!! So my friend Giselle and I headed up, coffee in hand (thanks girl!), and anticipated what lay ahead. Greeted by Guy Banal, President and Partner of the Pacific Skydiving Center, made us feel right at home.. At this point, I’m already getting nervous.. I’m so close to having to actually follow through with skydiving and then parachuting down to the ground… gulp.. double gulp.. The employees give me the option of the various jump heights.. What do I do?? Decide to pick the tallest one possible.. 15,000 feet! The highest you can go without needing oxygen.. Sweet.. I signed up for this willingly?!?

I got strapped into my gear so I could jump out of the plane tandem style.. My heart is still a flutter from the anticipation but I’m still focused on filming and making sure we are getting good shots. I chose to throw on the fluorescent green shirt so I would stand out among the clouds and blue sky.. made sense to me!

So then we took the long walk from the center to the flight line.. begin increased heart rate right about now..

I’m on the plane and we take off.. I’ve now crossed the point of no return.. I’m concentrating on not being nervous and actually having conversation while being filmed by Ian.. but it’s hard to focus on what’s really going on.. I’m thinking, I’m about to jump off this freaking plane and freefall then parachute to the ground.. FML. Everyone is talking to me and I’m trying to keep any conversation going for the sake of not being quiet on camera.. ALL I wanted to do was sit there in silence until I actually had to get off the plane.. that wasn’t happening.. again…FML..

So, my time was up, I was instructed to move forward to get ready for the jump.. So I followed instruction, moved up, stuck my head out the door and prayed for dear life and mouthed “OMG” to the camera.. WHAT was I about to do?! I think my brain blanked for about 3 seconds when we were at the door because "it just happened - we jumped".. With everything I had learned on what to do as I’m freefalling repeating in my head, I was oddly calm but freaked out at the same time.. I was waiting for the pat on my shoulder to extend my arms out…

BOOM!! Arms extended and face to the camera!! WHAT A RUSH!!!!! 15,000 feet and freefalling for a minute or so and it was insane!! We poked a hole through a cloud and it was so cold but so ultimately refreshing!!

Shortly after the cloud, we opened the parachute out and glided through the air.. I got this weird feeling right when the parachute shot open.. like I had to seriously catch my breath again at what was happening.. I had to take a few short and deep breaths to take it all in and not freak out.. My tandem instructor removed my goggles and loosened me up a little so I could hang.. he got crazy and decided to make some circles which was fine, until I started feeling nauseous, so he stopped.. Did not want to throw up in mid-air.. He let me take guide of the parachute for a bit swaying side to side.. I kept thinking, don’t let go, don’t let go..

I could see the ground nearing us at such a fast speed.. puts things into perspective how fast you’re actually moving! I grabbed hold of my legs as instructed so my legs wouldn’t drag on the ground and the tandem instructor would first land us, but when I grabbed my knees, they were soaked from the cloud mist, so I held on as best I could! The skydive employees were there to help us land safely on the ground..

Landed!! one of the camera guys, Sam was right there to catch it all.. I could barely speak, I just kept laughing (nervously and excitedly) thinking I JUST skydived!! I just accomplished something major!! To keep things girly.. I kept the fake lashes on..

…never lose the adrenaline feeling…

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ooklah the Moc!!

Ooklah the Moc gave an outstanding performance at The Shack in Waikiki.. They've been around for awhile and if you live in Hawaii, you've probably at least heard of them. I knew they were a Hawaiian band mixed with reggae but hadn't really listened to the songs and felt the vibes.. They definitely know how to get the packed crowd swaying from side to side and I heard a few "cheeeee huuuuuuu's" from the concert go-ers, which for some reason always makes me smile when I hear it.. I think people forget I'm from the mainland and these little things unique to Hawaii, still give that spark that I live in Hawaii.. Needless to say, we caught the first set for Hawaii HI-Lights because we figured, why not feature a well known band in Hawaii worthy of some air-time and hopefully more national recognition.. I'm not even a huge fan of the Hawaiian-Reggae genre, but if you get the chance to catch them at a show, stop and give your ear, you won't be disappointed..

Big Koa giving the introduction to the night's festivities:

I got to interview lead singer Jimbo!

Group shot!

..for the music that makes us smile..

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sex and the Shoe...

A couple years ago, Pearl Ultralounge hosted a contest titled Sex and the Shoe. Every Thursday for about a month, girls entered the contest with the cutest shoes they own to model on stage and for the judges of various backgrounds (shoe store owners, fashion industry types, boutique entrepreneurs, etc.) to select their favorite shoes and how well you really sell the idea that you have THE BEST shoes out there.. Anyways, I ended up winning my preliminary round AND the finale!! They were the cutest shoes from Laundry by Shelli Segal with a mixture of soft velvet bluish/turquoise and purple with this awesome brown brooch embellishment on the top with a peep-toe opening.. unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the premiere party with the whole shbang with a limo ride, red carpet, all the glitz and glamour because I went out of town. Did I mention you win a pair of Manolo Blanik's too?! SOOOOOO, lucky me, I get a second chance!! Sex in the City is coming out with their second movie and Pearl is having another contest! I competed for the first Thursday available just in case I couldn't make any of the other Thursdays for the month of May.. They also allow you to come back to compete if you didn't win for another try, so in the event I didn't win, I had the opportunity to come back and try again with another pair the following week.

BUT I did WIN!! First place too!! I wore these super cute Betsey Johnson's that have patiently been waiting in it's hot pink box for the perfect time to be placed on my feet. I thought it was appropriate for a shoe contest to wear these little beauties.. Good thing because it won me a pair of Deuces Hawaii pink satin shoes, Fashionista's Market swag, and other goodies AND to compete in the finale that's to take place June 3rd! Let me tell you, there's some competition out there.. WAY too many cute shoes and my little Betsey Johnsons are afraid.. They've done me good so far.. wonder if I should purchase a new pair for fun??

The winning shoe for the May 13th competition.. my sweet little Betsey's:

There's some stiff competition and some of those girls have got moves to show off their little toes like you wouldn't believe.. Thinking maybe I should purchase one of these cute Christian Louboutin's for safety?? Or MAYBE I'm looking for an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes.. I'm thinking it's the latter...

Presenting... The Studio:

The Tahiti:

I don't even think you can purchase these particular shoes anymore.. any idea where I can?! The Very Prive Peep-Toe:

...For those Manolo Blanik's...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hang Gliding 101..

I got to spend the morning on the North Shore learning how to Hang Glide!! What an experience.. I had never done anything in the sky like that other than rack up a million frequent flier miles... I wasn't even sure what Hang Gliding was until I showed up and got a pre-flight lesson from the instructors at Paradise Air. When I woke up that morning I had no idea what I was going to be looking down upon a few hours later.. Those pesky helicopter rides and cessna Hawaii tours had NOTHING on hang gliding.. being able to literally see the North Shore the way birds do was breathtaking.. I had a seatbelt strapping me into my seat and that was about it.. The hang gliders are meant for two people, and both people have the ability to "fly" using foot pedals and the handles to steer. I took the opportunity to take the pilot seat and fly for a bit.. until my arms started hurting from holding them up (Note to self: work on my arm muscles in the gym) and the fact that it was like 50 degrees at about the 4,000 feet mark (my hands were freezing!). Hang gliders is a mixture of hand gliding but with a motorcycle motor on steroids.. I took comfort in the fact that IF the engine stopped, we could still technically "glide" down like a normal hand glider would.. Something surreal about staring down at the different shades of blue the ocean produces with the sunlight and coral that lay beneath the surface. We saw a group of dolphins sleeping at Waimea Beach (one of my all time favorite beaches) and so many honu (turtles) swimming around.. one of the prettiest sites I've ever seen in such a short time period and from an angle that was unbelievable. We flew from Dillingham Airfield to Waimea Beach, to Kaena Point, then back to Dillingham for landing.. talk about awesome.. AND I logged one hour of official flight time to go towards 20 hours to get my pilot license.. WHATTTTTTT??? Did I just make a new goal??

We conveniently have cameras around to document the event.. ok, maybe it was planned for Hawaii HI-Lights.. ok, yes it was.. Our flight suits were pret-ty sexy..

The takeoff (I'm in the back while the instructor rides shotgun):

Pilot what?!

Trying to keep my head IN the clouds...

Lucky to live aloha.. have you ever seen an ocean so beautiful?? I got brave and let my leg dangle down.. what a feeling..

Kaena Point..

Upon finishing, Moani and I got our certificates for one hour of flight instruction.. Only 19 more to go!

...May we never stop reaching for the sky..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An Aloha Wedding in Hawaii...

A co-worker of mine, who is also a friend, Kristen Iorio, is now the new Mrs. Kristen Iorio Kiesel (although I think she's totally dropping her last name), married Edwin Kiesel. These two are so cute together; her very structured, organized attitude (she IS an Auditor like me) and his relaxed, laid back persona match so well it makes my teeth hurt.. They said their vows in front of the Aloha Tower in Honolulu around dusk and had a reception shortly after which was catered by Chai's Island Bistro. Colors for the wedding were very island/tropic inspired with pink, green, tan, and cream.. OH and the best part of the food, was her cupcake tree provided by Hokulani (see a few blog posts down)!! (Duh, I had the red velvet). I wish I utilized my camera more that night, but I was able to put down the food and red wine for a few snaps..

In a traditional Hawaiian wedding, there is the exchanging of lei's when combining families as well as the bride and groom.. le sigh..

Moments after the ceremony, they took their walk down the aisle together for some snapshots with photographer Joser "Jojo" Serina!

When party time came, we had to bustle Kristen's dress so she could dance the night away..

Me with the beautiful bride (bride's dress from Casablanca)..

The "Auditors"... (I missed the flower memo.. well at least my ring was a flower)

The Aloha Tower at night.. I never tire of the views here..

..may you two always have love in your hearts...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hawaii HI-Lights TV Show...

So I've made mention about a TV show where I'm one of three hosts.. The television show is called Hawaii HI-Lights and will air starting May 30th at 10:30pm right after the news on ABC, the KITV affiliate here in Hawaii!! I'm really excited to be a part of this process and gives me a whole new respect for those who have to constantly be on camera and able to think wittingly at the same time.. It's definitely an exhausting schedule when you pile up my full time 7am job on top of it, but I must say, somehow I find the energy because it's definitely an adrenaline rush when the lights turn on and the camera is rolling..

The synopsis of the show is anything and everything "to do" here in Hawaii... Think "Wild On" on E! but with a slight Hawaiian twist.. Anywhere from bars/clubs, fashion shows/events, touristy things, concerts, we're making cameos at it all.. The good thing is I'm involved in a lot of the events as it is, which makes filming a little more fun because I get to hangout with my friends in the process and there happens to be a camera in the background somewhere.. We've already interviewed some amazing entrepreneurs, dancers, and musical artists.. I don't want to divulge too much so you'll still want to watch the show... Ian Fernandez of IMF Visions is behind the production company, and he along with his film crew have been great to work with.. We just did some promo shots at beautiful Waimanalo Beach over the weekend.. Here are a couple shots I took from my phone.. can't wait to show you guys the final product, but it's a secret for now.. I had the pleasure of working with famed photographer Dylan Dawson and stylist/makeup artist/creative director extrordinare EJay Maldonado.. I want to bring EJay to ALL my photo shoots.. he KNOWS what he's talking about when it comes to posing.. did I mention he's sought out in New York City as a fav/best when it comes to fashion shows/shoots?!

Here's an action shot (kinda blurry) from a shoot we did inside the Roadrunner Music Hall

Also hosting the show is former Miss Hawaii Nicole Fox and Big Koa from Hot 93.9!! Nicole happens to be a friend of mine, so what a great experience to have!! I can't wait for the premiere of the first episode.. Stay tuned for more information about Hawaii Hilights!!

Check the write up Christa Whittmier wrote up in Honolulu Weekly for her Social Lite column... Pick up a copy of the publication in and around Honolulu.. DO IT!!