Friday, September 24, 2010

Cinema Italiano 2010... Film Festival..

It's always nice to get ourselves cultured up and learn about new countries whether that be fashion styles, historic monuments, food, or film.. I attended the Cinema Italiano Grand Opening Night Gala in Kahala with a few girlfriends and it was a beautiful night under the stars. Fabulous people in attendance, the various food vendors giving out samples of tasty treats, and thanks to Christa Whittmier who brought in some of her bubbly Prosecco, my taste buds were mighty happy.. The night air was filled with a random mix of songs varying from Michael Jackson to Italian opera.. At one point we were surprised by a performance during the event where multiple opera singers were stationed in various points of the tent singing but it looked like it was coming soley from a couple in the audience... A-MAZING! We all stood around them open-mouthed in awe..

Photos from the night thanks to Giselle's little camera.. I actually left mine at home!

Prosecco anyone?

Uber fab Anya Rozova hung for a bit.. love her little accent... AND Malie from Hawaii Red Magazine.. oh la la in her red dress..

After much picture taking and partaking in the Prosecco and Chardonnay during the night, we decided we needed to take pictures by the sports cars.. Cue Maserati, Lamborghini, and other pretty ones I can't remember were there... OH and then we got inside the Maserati just because we could..

After the event, we watched a little of the movie Basilicata Coast to Coast.. we couldn't finish it because our little eyes were super tired.. Great night with the girls though... Le Sigh..

...expanding out horizons one culture at a time....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Amos Kotomori... Menswear...

The uber fabulous Amos Kotomori has been styling and putting on fashion shows for years and we hope he continues to do so because he really knows how to put on a great show.. He's the man behind the big Ala Moana Fashion Shows and many photoshoots we see around Hawaii.. It's no surprise that Mr. Kotomori has launched a new line himself titled Kotomori.. It's taking aloha wear and tweaking it to fabulosity.. for men.. Each piece takes meticulous time to create and dedication from Mr. Kotomori. The line can be found at fashion institute Neiman Marcus... He had a viewing party and of course the girls had to stop by!

Fashion lover Nadine Kam was there too and snapped a pic with Amos...

..Taking fabric to a whole new level...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fashion Night Out.. September 10, 2010!!

As many of you fashion savvy girls out there know, September 10th has been deemed Fashion Night Out, “a global initiative to promote retail, restore consumer confidence, and celebrate fashion,” headed by VOGUE, NYC & Co., the City of New York and the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Think Anna Wintour... fashion envy if you will... I didn't get to spend my hard earned cash on this night because I was backstage for the Ala Moana Fashion Show where we showcased brands such as Cache, Betsey Johnson, Diesel, and 7 for all Mankind.. Four fashion shows on the hour lasting 15 minutes, each having 2 outfits but with a total of 4 designer segments per show.. Total of 8 looks for each model.. Definitely tests your endurance when you have this adrenaline high over and over again.. It's like your body doesn't know what you're doing.. the fun of being on stage showing off the latest trends, then when it's over, we're hanging backstage rushing to get the next hair change and makeup touchup with the 45 minutes we have left in the hour.. (finding time to munch on the cookies and grapes in between breaks).. BUT hanging with my besties and surrounded by all those clothes and makeup... perfect way to spend Fashion Night Out...

The Stage:

Backstage organized chaos:

Anna and I had our area to get ready for when the actual show was about to start... shoes layed out, clothing lineup in order, attitude on stage!

Getting our makeup done by Sephora and hair by Aveda.. Can you say bright red lips??

Getting our pose on.. what we do..

Show number one.. First and second looks (7 for all Mankind and Spiral Girl)... sassified...

Final poses for the first show..

Show number two..Third and fourth outfits... Dress from Cache, but this show was about accessories.. First was Island Girl, then Jimmy Choo handbags.. Anna getting her hair changed for the look.. Aveda has some creative hair stylists!

On our third and fourth show we had Afatia Thompson sing the entire length of the fashion show.. the kid has got some tunes!! One of my fav poses from Marisa Gey..

Show number three.. fifth fashion from Diesel and sixth from Tori Richard..

Final show.. BCBG and Cache..

*All show shots by Mark Ramelb Photography

...Hawaii fashion is on the move and here for your viewing pleasure...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Acid Dolls Part 2.. The Show...

So last Saturday's Acid Dolls fashion show was not one to be missed.. If you are a true fashionista you can appreciate the new lines that Ms. Cindy King has concocted to showcase in her store (Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center).. I was so excited to be part of the show that night and with some pretty amazing girls.. I say that all the time about the girls here in Hawaii, and how down to earth they are, but it never fails each and every time how fabulous they all are.. Such poise, charm, professionalism, and beauty... SO onto the fashion of the starry night.. Held under the Hawaiian moonlight on the rooftop of the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, the show began..

Chairs were strategically set around the L shaped stage with projection screen for better viewing and to give it that much more visual appeal...

The introduction to the show for the line Urban Ballerina began with none other than a fabulous dance from the Hawaii State Ballet.. Beautiful...

My outfits for the three segments in the following order: Urban Balleria, Wild Hard West, and Graffiti Zoo..

*last photo courtesy of Tyson Yamada

A few of my favorite other outfits from the show..

Post show we had some camera fun in front of the press wall.. kind of what we do...

Post post show.. met up with the girlies for our own little after party at Pearl Ultralounge..

Video by NonStopHonolulu:

Acid Dolls Urban Revolution from Nonstop Honolulu on Vimeo.

Videos by Nadine Kam of Star Advertiser:

*Photos by Mark Ramelb except where noted.. is not always for the faint of heart...