Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Time in ALASKA!!

It's Christmas Eve and we just got home from running last minute errands and attending church...  We headed north.. FAR north to Fairbanks, Alaska.  My family lives here and this is our third Christmas in Santa's home state (North Pole is about 10 minutes down the road where he lives).. since it's Christmas Eve and I want to spend time with my family BUT I realize I'm way behind on postings (I have yet to put up a Thanksgiving post) and I wanted to put up a quick picture of little Coconut and wish you all a Merry Christmas!!  Stay warm and eat LOTS!!  It's -22 degrees outside and I'm trying to stay toasty inside!!

Coconut's first Alaskan Christmas!!

...Mele Kalikimaka to you and your family...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Exhibit Ambush.. Part 2..

A few blog posts back I mentioned I was in the Exhibit Ambush fashion show that took place on October 22.. Pictures kept pouring in from various photographers and I wanted to make sure I got all of them and could sift through before posting on the blog.. It was a crazy show!! Three days straight of rehearsals to include a few dress rehearsals. Since there were so many models and designers, they wanted to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible! Exhibit Ambush lived up to all the hype! I got to get a sneak peek of the Michael Jackson impersonator and his Smooth Criminal was on point.. Part of me always wants to sit in the audience and watch the show but when I'm watching the show I want to be in the show.. BUT the good thing is there were some videographers that helped capture the night so those of us on stage got to see some of the action we were missing hanging backstage! It was such a fun time and I got to meet a ton of San Diego's elite models who definitely take the runway by storm.. I walked in 5 of the 9 designers shows which were all back to back! Talk about nonstop adrenaline for a straight 45 minutes at least! Some of the designers had to change into two outfits! It was madness backstage with clothing and accessories everywhere but on stage it flowed like elegance and sometimes a straight party!! After it was all said and done I was glad to be part of such a good group of people who helped to put this crazy show on and for it to go to a good cause!!


Behind the scenes foolishness and snapshots of the artwork on display..

The hair and makeup for the first show..

You wanted mysterious in plastic?? Fine... (with fellow model Cynthia Adams!!)

Some of the artwork during the exhibit and crowd images..

The calm before the storm..


Host: Yara Sophia

WARNING!! There a ton of pictures.. with walking in 5 of the 9 designers, came a lot of changes and various "walks"..

Designer: Annalynn Luu

Designer: Tea Ninkovic

Designer: Karelle Levy (Showcasing Disc Glo... aka Party time)

Designer: Whitney Francis (Creative Fashionista)

Designer: Suzzette Baltazar (Love Material Girl)

My cheering squad for the night..

Photos not enough? Here's some visual stimulation..

One of our many practice sessions prior to the show..

Exhibit Ambush official video.. See if you can find me.. (here's a hint for one of my cameo's.. I'm at the very end where they rewind me..)

Exhibit Ambush 2011 from EQ Culture on Vimeo.

Phew!! That was a lot of pictures... But to show the extent of the night in a picture or two would not have done it justice.. Congratulation to the whole Exhibit Ambush team!!

...get creative to do something for charity...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Band: Minus the Bear.. Indie Rock Out...

Minus the Bear is an amazing band and I don't think they get enough credit from the music world.. or enough radio love for that matter.. They've been together for 10 years and have created some of the most noteworthy songs that I can continue to rock out to years to come... My friend is the drummer and a good one at that and told me about their show they had at SOMA in San Diego. I only saw them play in Hawaii and was excited to see one of their full on productions.. During their 10 year tour almost all shows were sold out or pretty close to maximum capacity.. Soma was no exception.. If you've never heard of them or maybe slightly familiar, I highly suggest downloading some of their songs and giving them a chance. They're good to throw on almost all the time for any occasion.. DO IT!!

My concert dates Cynthia and Hollie!!

And the music begins... But first a word of advice..

He's so fast! And it was Erin's Birthday!!

Throw your hands up!!!

I got a little artsy with my picture taking...

Post show poses..

..nothing like watching a good band, having a drink, and hanging with good people..