Friday, November 18, 2011

Band: Minus the Bear.. Indie Rock Out...

Minus the Bear is an amazing band and I don't think they get enough credit from the music world.. or enough radio love for that matter.. They've been together for 10 years and have created some of the most noteworthy songs that I can continue to rock out to years to come... My friend is the drummer and a good one at that and told me about their show they had at SOMA in San Diego. I only saw them play in Hawaii and was excited to see one of their full on productions.. During their 10 year tour almost all shows were sold out or pretty close to maximum capacity.. Soma was no exception.. If you've never heard of them or maybe slightly familiar, I highly suggest downloading some of their songs and giving them a chance. They're good to throw on almost all the time for any occasion.. DO IT!!

My concert dates Cynthia and Hollie!!

And the music begins... But first a word of advice..

He's so fast! And it was Erin's Birthday!!

Throw your hands up!!!

I got a little artsy with my picture taking...

Post show poses..

..nothing like watching a good band, having a drink, and hanging with good people..

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Featured Photographer: Bernie de Belles of De Belles Images...

On a recent trip to New York (which I still need to blog about) I scheduled a photo shoot with a photographer whose work I stumbled upon via a blog from someone in Hawaii, I can't remember whose now, but then I found more pictures by the same photographer who happened to shoot with a couple friends of mine. The best way I can describe his work in one word is "bendy".. if you can contort your body to do crazy things without breaking your neck or arm, you're in good shape.. All about trying to get creative with your body.. I couldn't find much information on him so I kinda just left it at that. Then via the book of face I saw a makeup artist friend of mine tagged in one of his photos and I put two and two together that it was the same person because of his style of photography! He currently lives in New York and will often travel to do shoots which is why a few of my friends in Hawaii had shot with him awhile back. Eureka!! I contacted him and asked if he'd like to shoot while I was in town.. our schedules matched up one evening and that's when awesomeness ensued.. He took some digital pictures but he took a ton of polaroid pictures from old school cameras and one was even a polaroid used by dentists to get extreme closeups.. I couldn't believe the pretty pictures that came from that night.. Polaroids are so unpredictable, but that's what makes them so perfect..

Check my latest photoshoot with Bernie de Belles of De Belles Images:

I needed a massage after these photo sesh.. pretty sure I still have scratches on my back from that wall... I'd do it all over again for these pictures..

...take a chance and get out of your comfort zone and do something you wouldn't ever think you'd do...