Friday, August 27, 2010

Photo Sesh with Jojo Serina...

I'm constantly needing to update my model portfolio with new pictures. You don't realize that even if you're a working model, you don't always come across pictures you can actually use in your book when showing to potential clients.. There's only so many "catalogue" type shots you can have in a port or sometimes if you're even lucky to get the pictures at all... I like doing shots with photographers I know from time to time to get the pics that I actually want.. draw from inspiration from other blogs I view online and make it my own. Becoming my own stylist with clothing and accessories and letting the creativity take a form of its own.. Believe me, we all have our safe 5 poses and stick with them and after the 5th pose, we start to draw a blank and contort our body to do things it's not meant to do and somehow look good in pictures.. or so we think until we see the images.. My shoot took place with celeb photographer Jojo Serina.. he's ridiculously nice and works lighting to bring out the best features.. We were both thinking beauty shots mixed with high glam.. I brought along some pictures for inspiration and this is what came of our shoot..

Beauty images.. Makeup artist and hair by Toni Farley.. (Dress/Accessories: Forever 21)

We decided to change up the hair and pull it back but still have it fun and curly...

I'm always a fan of vintage so I wanted to throw in a little lacey flair in the mix.. I got the blazer number from my fav website, Etsy... Oh and I got into thinking jumping was a good idea for a few poses.. (Blazer: Etsy - LuvStoneVintage, Monokini: Victoria's Secret, Shoes: Steve Madden)

By the end of the night, everything started coming off.. down to my monokini and some peep toe booties..

Thee Caleb Shinobi was getting some pictures shot as well and we jumped into each others pictures here and there.. Insert the NEW MATRIX duo: that take snapshots of our youth, our memories, our lives..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brigitte's Antioxidant Berry Smoothie!!

I eat pretty bad foods almost on a daily basis.. Even though I might eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I'll almost always crave something sweet to satisfy my sugar tooth.. teeth actually.. plural.. Even if it's just a piece of chocolate or one of my absolute favorites, cookies.. I've been realizing more and more lately that McDonald's should not have it's own food group in my pyramid of health.. I often succomb to late night drive thru binges of McDoubles (no cheese) with fries on nights I don't eat enough dinner or have been up for way too long and I get super hungry all over again.. In a turn to eat a little healthier and get the nutrients my body actually needs, I've been craving smoothies.. But I've noticed that the smoothies I get are so packed with sugar and other "additives" I'm just not sure of, seem to defeat the purpose of my health kick.. SO to rebel against the typical Jamba Juice-type place, I've decided to make my own!! The good thing is I know exactly what's inside my concoction and can flavor as I see fit.. First up, I only use the best freshest ingredients.. I tried using frozen fruits and it just didn't have the same taste and texture.. You'll need the following:

--Makes one 20 ounce cup (about the size of a venti Starbucks cup.. which is what I used to put my smoothie in.. those plastic reuseable cups.. Very convenient)..

5 decent sized fresh strawberries
1.5 cups of fresh blueberries
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
1 handful of fresh spinach leaves
1 handful of raw almonds
1.5-2 tablespoons of honey
1 pinch of sugar
12 ice cubes
1 blender

In the blender, start with about 5 ice cubes to "liquify".. when those start to get grinded up, add a few more until little by little, all ice cubes are in shaved ice form (believe me, based on experience, doing it a few ice cubes at a time actually is better and saves time than throwing them all in there which takes FOREVER because the blender can't catch them all).. Add the strawberries (after removing the green leafy tops) and blend. Follow it with fresh blueberries until all fruits are blended well together and a rich purple color shows through...

Next up add the spinach.. blend. Then a handful of those raw almonds. I prefer raw because I don't like a lot of salt in my diet.. Sodium is super bad for you anyways!! I also like the texture spinach and almonds give the smoothie.. kinda makes you chew a little but not really (you'll see once you make it).. Once all grinded together, add the sugar and honey to your taste as well as vanilla extract.

Once all combined the end result is 20 ounces of pure amazing fresh yummy-ness!! You can enjoy your refreshing beverage knowing all the ingredients put in it and no gross additives you can't pronounce. It has less sugar than your typical Jamba Juice too!

I've made these a few times and this is the best way so far.. Next time I'm thinking of making it into an almost acai bowl and adding bananas and coconut shavings on top.. maybe that'll be another post! Enjoy!! Be sure to leave a comment and let me know how yours turned out!

....the fruit of eternal youth... the best kind of skincare..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Epic 90's...

Mullets, side ponytails, jelly shoes, Walkmans, Color Me Badd, Shai, and All 4 One.. All things that made the 90's for lack of a better word, EPIC... One of the last segments we filmed for the season finale of Hawaii HI-Lights was covering the Summer Sizzle 2010 concert held at the Neal S. Blaisdell center... Ummmmm, so that means I get to meet Shai? And All 4 One? AND Color Me Badd?? (Note: the interview with lead singer Bryan Abrams took place 4 days before he got arrested in Waikiki... Crazy!!) The 12 year old me who used to rock side ponytails with stretchy leggings with the lace at the bottom that reached mid-calf and the long ruffley t-shirts couldn't have been happier.. Little did I know that years down the road I'd actually get to meet these stars.. Garfield from Shai put it best when he said that they were the soundtrack to people's lives.. that quote made me smile.. so true... Bring me back to those 6th grade dances...

First to interview was Mr. Abrams of Color Me Badd (only 2 of the 4 boy band crew was able to make the concert)..

Next up was Shai! They were so fun to interview!! They even serenaded me acapella with "Baby I'm Yours"...

Backstage before the show got started..

All 4 One wasn't able to make the interview because they flew in the day of the show which happened to be the day after we filmed the interview portion... BUT I did get to meet them backstage and they were super nice.. Really just happy to be in Hawaii and performing for the crowd who sang along to all their songs!

Shai gave a pretty awesome performance I must say... so soulful!

Color Me Badd was the finale and performed with Hype 5-0 from America's Best Dance Crew!! After the show I had "I Wanna Sex You Up" stuck in my head for hours... Pret-ty sweet...

...the roots of 90's music has given us some of the greatest songs to reflect on our past...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tom Ford = New Obsession...

The instant I saw the new Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign for Tom Ford, a rush of inspiration came through.. I all of a sudden NEEDED the new Nico Sunglasses.. They're edgy, so updated, and sooooo going to be mine.. I found a couple designs that I absolutely NEED.. Not want.. but NEED... all in capital letters just like that..

Introducing the fab Nico sunglasses in shiny black..

I'm thinking the Annabelle is going to be a necessary accessory as well..

I can't get over the ad campaign.. so simple but so eye catching.. LOVE IT!!

...crave the sun, but protecting my brown eyes in fashion....

Sunday, August 8, 2010


So it's been awhile that I've got to hangout with my friends, not have a camera rolling and having to be conscious of being professional because it's still a job to film even though everything looks super duper fun.. Not that my personality changes too much on and off camera, but there's always the thought of censoring certain things I may say (although even that changed toward the end of filming), not drinking much or at all so I could get the job done, or knowing I have to be camera ready for like 6 hours straight and be my own stylist, makeup artist, and hair person myself.. it was a tough job but in the end super happy with the finished product and experiences. BUT it is nice to kick back, have a few vodka soda's, and enjoy a good band with my friends and not worry about anything else..

MUTEMATH performed at Pipeline Cafe here in Honolulu and they delivered awesomeness!! Many people know them from their single from the Twilight soundtrack called "Spotlight".. But they've actually got a ton of great songs. Their performance live was definitely a highlight this year.. They played a super long set too for over an hour and a half which was NOT disappointing. When Spotlight came on, I couldn't stop jumping around in my 5 inch heels from happiness!!

Some shots from the show!

YouTube video of Spotlight.. they do the whole video in a van!!

...finding our inner musician and appreciating good music...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eye Candy: Alice + Olivia...

I've been eyeing more and more pieces from Alice + Olivia and even made a purchase a few months back from Neiman Marcus on a new piece that's black and white with sequins from the designer, but haven't found an occasion to wear it.. I'm just always picky when I wear certain dresses or items, but then again, you can't always save things "for special moments" because every day should be a special moment right? Sooooo I scoured the website and found classic pieces that's good for the office, nights out, and casual items.. take a look:

The Shoshanna Jabot Career Dress, retails for $398.. paired up with those tights and boxed sleeves.. a must!!

How about a casual cool? The Cecilia Cascade Dress, retails for $220.. The drapery on this number is beautiful.. I could see myself wearing this to a brunch with the girls paired up with a blazer..

For a girls night out, these next two dresses would be killer.. First, the Roxanna Bustier Dress, which retails for $396.. The red is so glam and skirt so intricate in the detailing!

The Annie Front Zip Leather Bustier is next up, retailing for $495.. I'm not usually a fan of leather unless it's a leather jacket, but this dress is amazing.. The deep sweetheart neckline is such a do! I die!

Lastly, to fulfill my sparkly phase, I'm falling for this brown sequin jacket.. you can match this with just about anything! Jeans, shorts, dresses, it's absolutely a staple for any wardrobe at the moment.. The Masha Metallic Faux Fur Jacket, retailing for $396..

When I finally put on my own Alice + Olivia dress I'll be sure and upload it to this blog.. until then, more fashion pieces to find.. never goes out of style, just find fresh ways to wear old and new pieces..