Saturday, July 24, 2010

Indie Jewelry..

I am all about supporting the arts.. Whether that be music, anything related to the fashion industry, photography, etc. This particular blog is from a find I found on etsy. The jewelry maker hails from the Big Apple and makes the cutest pieces of jewelry at such reasonable prices, you can't help but want to buy her entire stock. I came across her page long before I ever joined etsy and started making purchases.. Once I finally figured out what the site is all about, I remembered to go back to her page, ArkWark, and do some perusing. I recently make a couple buys from the designer and I'm more than happy with what I received. The two necklaces are now a staple in my wardrobe because they're simple but still unique and match everything I decide to wear each and every day... Can't tell you the number of compliments I've already received on them.

Necklace Number 1... 14K Gold Vermeil Hammered Circle, selling for $28 (the double chain is my favorite part!):

Necklace Number 2... To The Moon Silver Circle, selling for $10:

What an amazing deal and as a bonus, the designer is super duper nice!! Make sure you check out the rest of her deals, oh and also, shipping is ONLY $3.75 globally! She also makes customized pieces to fit your special needs... AND, she's a philanthropist.. She helps with charities benefiting women.. "To practice my Women Helping Women ideal, this July, Artwark contributed a limited edition necklace to the SIS annual comedy event with Eddie Brille of the David Letterman show. Auction proceeds benefited a group aiding Breast Cancer survivors. If you have an organization or charity benefiting women in need, or upcoming event that you would like Artwark to participate in, please contact the shop."

I mean... as if you needed another reason to make a purchase from this girl right?!

So I'm thinking this may be my next purchase from ArtWark.. Gettin Twiggy Gold Branch, selling for $16.

...beautiful jewelry from a beautiful girl... one piece at a time...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob...

I'll admit when I first heard about the Twilight Phenomenon I was confused.. A movie about vampires and love? UGH, sounds terrible.. I had no interest... It wasn't until my own brother told me I had to watch it because he knew I would like it.. I gave in, watched it and understood what the hype was all about.. Some actors can just transform themselves completely off the red carpet and onto the big screen into exactly what the character calls for. I'm talking about Rob Pattison.. He was the actor that first got me hooked onto the saga.. Just his overall tensity on film is what is getting all the girls gooey eyed for the star.. I think it helps that he's sparkly in the sun too.. I'm JUST saying...

My friend Alyssa Fung owns Fashionista's Market (as I've probably said in previous posts) and for the last two Twilight movies, New Moon and Eclipse, rented out an entire theater of 500 seats and made a whole event for the movie. The event entails, a movie ticket, t-shirt which states which team you're in (Edward or Jacob), pupu's (appetizers for you mainlanders), contests, and goody bag!

Naturally, all my friends wanted to partake in the fun and make the t-shirts into dresses, rompers, anyway to wear it other than it's intended way of the standard t-shirt..

We had a little fun with the cardboard cutouts of Jacob (the werewolf) and Edward (the vampire):

Post movie poses.. I kept trying to look for the soundtrack information:

We love hanging out at the Fashionista's Market store where the cardboard cutouts were hiding before the movie event... We took advantage of this:

I was asked by Yu Shing Ting of MidWeek if I'd be interested in doing a movie review for Twilight's Eclipse and plug our show Hawaii HI-Lights... She put me in touch with Jessica Goolsby.. To see what me and Nicole had to say about the movie, check out our review on the online version of MidWeek, but you can still pick up a copy until the new edition comes out on Wednesday..

..Team Edward in case you didn't already know...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

LMFAO!!! Rock the Beat!!!

So I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing LMFAO at Pipeline Cafe for Hawaii HI-Lights!! They were pretty spectacular to say the least.. We had some drama getting the interview to actually take place due to miscommunication, but when did things in this biz ever run smoothly?? In the end, got mic'ed up and got the interview rolling.. that's when the pressure is on to "not mess up".. it's those instances where I'm like, ok, this is happening, it almost didn't, these people are donating their time to make it happen, don't screw it up (inner monologue).. Good thing the other party is usually not feeling the pressure and easy to talk to.. I mean it IS LMFAO, the group who sings "Shots! Shots! Shots!"...

Green Room at Pipeline Cafe.. scenery:

Waiting around in my new Dork Shades and attire for the evening.. Tribute to Michael Jackson sequin pants...

Last minute Glenda, our intern had the idea to get some shades to wear during the interview, so I thought of Dork Sunglasses, found the owners information and got in contact with him (extremely last minute.. I'm talking hours before shooting) and he got me 3 pairs of sunglasses, one for me and two for Redfoo and Sky Blu!!

Interview time!!

Next up was SHOWTIME!! Check out the gear the whole group was wearing... A-MAZING!

Is that a keytar?!?!

My official plus one.. Ms. Heidi Ribeiro... Rockstar...

This will air on our finale show, episode 9 on July 25th.. WATCH IT! tall girls in the front row, rockin' to the beat...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Crazy for Michael Kors...

So one of the purposes of making this blog is because of my craze over fashion and all things pretty.. I hadn't made any major purchases in awhile but if you remember my blog post about purses, I finally found a couple! They aren't quite as expensive as my number one craving, the Miu Miu ruched purse.. BUT I did find some that were pretty comparable to satisfy this craving.. I feel like when it comes to purses, Michael Kors can be kind of dull.. very generic with leather and then they stick a few studs in a straight line and ta-da.. a Michael Kors handbag. However, lately they've been reinventing themselves. I found some bags with much personality and COLOR!

Introducing my first pick... this mesmerizing yellow beauty with gold hardware.. The Berkley Clutch..

Next up is my new LG Satchel.. Perfect for everyday and toting around all my necessities (and unnecessaries)... The color is a pinky/peach and perfect for summer and fall!

..carrying around life's goods in style..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Red, White, and Blue...

There are a few choice places to visit on the 4th of July to BBQ, hang on the beach, and watch the fireworks above... I spent mine this year in my own state of Hawaii.. Waikiki Beach to be exact! If you've never had the opportunity to spend our day of Independence in Hawaii, I highly suggest you make it a travel destination in the years to come.. I first had to film for Hawaii HI-Lights (shocker!) to cover the Regatta McFarlane canoe races that take place every year. Rows and rows of canoe racers and spectators line up starting at 8am until around 2 or 3pm, race after race to compete for the massive trophy's and bragging rights. Good thing call time was 10am at Duke's!

We had pretty little props for our table..

After filming we hungout and enjoyed the beautiful view of clear blue ocean and skies.. to die for.. Flotilla was off in the distance awaiting our arrival..

If you haven't heard of flotilla it's basically a man made island in the middle of the ocean.. man made of surfboards, paddleboards, canoes, boats, and floaties! A couple of the boats this year had music blaring from it, one boat had a full on band doing some old school rock songs and another had some electro-pop music.. People find various ways of getting out to the fun.. Heidi, Giselle, and I decided to brave the waves on our floaties by swimming the half mile out from shore to get to the madness.. WE MADE IT!!

Sadly we missed the fireworks at the end of the night.. We were too busy stuffing our faces with yummy goodness from the Cheesecake Factory to notice any fireworks going off.. We literally missed it by like 2 seconds when we walked out.. oh well.. At least I got to play with some sparklers that weekend.. Maybe next year..

...for the love of America...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Musical Guest: Baby Bash!!

I love music.. So when I found out that our show Hawaii HI-Lights was incorporating musical segments, I was very excited. We have a ton of really good Hawaiian bands on the islands, but sometimes we get lucky to have national acts of different genre's come and play music for our ears. I got clearance from the record label and coordinated with Big Al, the road manager to get the interview with BABY BASH!! Talk about multi-tasking for the show!

Bash was extremely nice and fun to work with. He answered all my questions, even a ridiculous one.. we'll see if it makes the cut!

After the interview we all got to see a private performance at KA Restaurant and Lounge located at Ward Warehouse. Some of my favorite songs he performed were Cyclone, Sugar Sugar, and Fantasy Girl.. He had with him the Stooie Brothers who had energy like you wouldn't believe!

After the show, we took a group shot with Big Al, Stooie Brothers, the DJ, and Glenda our intern!

This particular segment will air on episode 7 (July 11), so be sure and tune in and see what Baby Bash had to say!

..Music beats my heart...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place..

I've rock climbed before... But I've fake rock climbed where I got certified from a plastic wall with plastic rocks strategically placed to climb. Not saying those things are cake, but nothing prepared me for what we had in store for our rock climbing segment of Hawaii HI-Lights. I woke up that morning thinking I was going to be on those fake walls using my muscles to reach the top. I made the trek up to Mokule'ia Beach on the North Shore where we were informed that we were to hike up a mountain AND THEN climb this massive REAL rock wall. Ummmmm, what? This would be the mountain we were hiking... GULP... Good thing I had my Chuck Taylor's on!

I asked my friend Anna Dequintanaroo if she'd like to accompany us on our day of filming, but little did she know what she was in for as well..

Pictures from the hike up.. Not a bad view...

Sam (Camera) and Ian (Producer/Camera) also had to endure the hot temperatures and hike up the mountain in order to get the money shots..

Once we reached the top I realized there was a whole pulley system set up by someone I was told called the "bug guy".. He apparently attached ropes to chains and locks at the top of the mountain so you could attach your own ropes and gear so you didn't have to worry about figuring out a way to get to the top THEN hike... A pretty complex operation I tell you.. We had a few people help us get set up who are seasoned climbers..

Ian had to get up to the top in order to get the "above" shots while Sam filmed below so there were two camera angles... He was checking out how high he actually had to go... BUT he was able to get maneuvered aka "supermanned" up there!

We got a mini lecture on the correct way to climb from Jean.. I just wanted to hurry up and get up there, she made it look so easy!! Notice I said "look so easy".. First up was Nicole and she made it up super fast!

I went second and got hooked up to all the pulleys for safety... I struggled at first to get used to the rock and what I needed to do.. Let me just say that rock climbing definitely messes with your head and jacks up your body.. I got bruised up on my knees and back/shoulders.. I had to stop a few times and take breathers to gather myself and stay determined that I was going to get up that rock.. My fingers were clenching on to almost nothing on the rocks and when I pulled them away they got so stiff I had to stretch them out between steps.. I was definitely the slowest, but I made it! Reached Ian for the shot!!

Anna went last and outshined us all.. girl has mad skills!!

Our rock climbing episode just aired on episode 6, so check out all previous episodes on the KITV website!

..determination has never hurt so bad, but felt so good..