Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kyler Kwock Photo Sesh...

A couple weeks ago I did a photo sesh with Hawaii resident Kyler Kwock.. After months of gathering photos and inspiration for a potential, yet unplanned, photo shoot, Kyler asked if I wanted to do a little session to freshen up our portfolios.. I happily agreed, sent off my photos for inspiration for the shoot, and he suggested downtown Honolulu for the location... Anything with brick walls or old windows to get a vintage/romantic feel... After scoping out the area for awhile and finding random backgrounds here and there, I think we found some great spots!! What a talented photographer.. he did wonders with lighting and camera angles... I think we accomplished our mission, all in about an hour and a half!!

The dress I purchased from Modcloth. I haven't even had the opportunity to wear it to an event.. figured a photoshoot would be the perfect debut... The accessories are from Forever 21, my absolute fav for jewelry (except for the single pearl ring.. that's real).. Lace detail.. heart it..

We found a cool graffiti wall so I gave a quick pose for fun..

This was our secret alley that we stumbled upon.. it was PERFECT!! My dress is this great mix of tan and light brown with a slight sheen to it.. paired up with my chunky necklace, gave a nice soft antique look I was going for (all from Forever 21.. surprise!!). Ruffles galore..

Kyler is well known for his wedding photography and commercial prints.. be sure and look him up for any jobs you may need!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Neiman Marcus Junior League Charity Fashion Show..

About 20 models took part in the Neiman Marcus fashion show at the Junior League of Honolulu Charity Event this past Saturday. Held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, the events proceeds help the League fund projects that benefit our community.

Nothing like early call times to shock your body on the weekend, wake up those tired eyes, and strut all you've got on the runway. Rehearsals were from 8-9am, 9-12pm we were in hair and makeup. 12:30pm showtime! The event titled "Sacs in the City" featured several donations from Loco Boutique, Coach, Marc Jacobs, Prada, and other designers. I was like a kid in a candy store with all those purses laying around; I wanted to make bids myself! Here are a few shots of our hair and makeup. Makeup was done lightly for a fresh look (Thanks Kate Schuette for letting me take a snapshot of your makeup! What a cute redhead!).. Hair inspired by Nicole Ritchie with a part down the middle and low braids in the back (I liked how my peekaboo blonde bits stuck out).

We had 3 changes each.. Something about seeing those racks full of pretty clothing makes you giddy inside..

I was dying over the jeggings (Joe's Jeans) I wore for my first outfit.. mixed with that heavy studded jacket (Current/Elliott). It's like they reached into my brain and knew my taste...

Outfit number 2 was amazing! I wanted to take that Philip Lim jacket and keep it myself.. Retails for $995 and worth every penny. The gold sequins sparkled and was really comfortable to wear... Did.. Not.. Want.. To.. Take.. It.. Off..

The third outfit was the craziest one.. I think the Marc Jacobs t-shirt threw me off (sketchy Miss Marc label), but when paired with that jacket (St. John) and funky skirt, it kind of flowed together in a sophisticated but I like to take risks kind of way..

We did our finale walk as a group to Lady Gaga's Just Dance.. Never get tired of that song for the runway.. Here's a shot we took right after the show.. love these girls.. Models in Hawaii are one of the most amazing to work with.. Bright, educated, good-hearted girls..

*Runway pics courtesy of Mark Ramelb Photography

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bruno Mars Live in the Road Runner Music Hall...

So I'm lucky.. let me rephrase that, extremely uberly, beyond words lucky, to be part of the Road Runner Music Hall audience that features national musical acts when they come to Hawaii. They are kind enough to give me a lifetime spot in the room when these amazing artists do their acoustic sets.. although, many times it's a full on concert with drums, bass, guitar, mics, and a trumpet or harmonica depending on the band. The sound in there is nothing short of pure awesomeness.. AND the opportunity to chat a few seconds and snap a pic or two of the artist performing. This past Friday, Bruno Mars who currently has the number 1 song on the Billboard charts for "Nothin' On You" with B.O.B graced us with this soulful, smoothe, clear voice that has a little Michael Jackson inspired twist. He also sang "Billionaire" which he collaborated with Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. Bruno is originally from Hawaii and used to do shows where he was Elvis Presley at a very young age, so naturally, the audience requested an Elvis song, and out came "You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog"... Talk about a real treat from this rising star!!

You can check out live streams and shows that have been played in the RRMH at (yup, that's my face in the window) and make sure to sign up to win a chance to be a part of the audience!! Usually about 50 people share the intimate venue, so you don't want to miss out!!

My friend Heidi and I snapped a pic with Bruno post show.. Our heels made us tower over him..

Later that night we caught a few songs at Level 4 for the actual show..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vintage Jewelry...

I'm so in love with anything vintage at the moment.. When it comes to jewelry, I melt if I see something that's been completely revamped and made into something new using old materials.. I lurk etsy pretty often and extensively and there are so many great treasures out there that I'm sure a few of my posts will heavily involve mentioning etsy (

Today I found a ring that I MUST own, ASAP! Found on vdeux's etsy site all the way from Belgium, a fantastic sterling silver ring made out of actual lace.. perfect!! Retails for $135.

One other piece I've been swooning over is this chunky necklace via BonnieEnglish from New York. Retails for $67.

Lastly, this simple mix of gold chains and pearls from miashoebox from New Jersey. Retails for $25.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mad Hatter's Tea Party..

So I have some pretty girly friends and I myself am a self proclaimed girly girl. We used to put together these brunches that occured once a month and were color themed. We had a good run for about a year for these monthly brunches but then we all got super busy and we started running out of colors! For example, our first brunch was a "Pretty in Pink" theme so all the girls wore a variation of the color pink.. we also ALWAYS have cupcakes and some form of a party favor. Pretty much our trademarks. We were able to throw together a brunch this past Sunday with Alice in Wonderland in mind of a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, so everyone had to wear a hat. The cupcakes were Red Velvet with a strawberry jam middle with "Eat Me" written on them! I baked cookies and brownies and put the cookies in these fun little boxes I crafted together with lace, pearls, gold rope, and paper doily. Our lunch place of choice was at the Trump Hotel in Waikiki with the most amazing view ever.. le sigh..

Lastly, I'm loving the old school polaroid pictures and what's more fitting at a proper tea party than to have vintage type pictures?? Not too clear, but you get the idea..

"Sometimes I've believed as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast..." -Alice in Wonderland

*Photography by Mark Ramelb

Monday, April 19, 2010

"The Message" at the Hawaii International Film Festival..

So I'm not a huge film buff and know all the intricacies of filming and camera angles and all the things I probably should be paying attention to. BUT I do love the process of going to the movies.. Buying popcorn, grabbing a hot dog and finding the perfect seat to be entertained for about 2 hours. Last night I watched an indie film called "The Message" that is part of the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF). Let me tell you, I was totally impressed. Definitely not a low budget film (or at least it didn't appear that way) and the actors were talented. My favs were Zhou Xun and Li Bingbing, both Chinese actresses.. The friendship that binds them and their onscreen appearance definitely captivated me. I can see them crossing the Pacific onto Hollywood's big screen. If you have a film festival near you, this is one to catch!

Movie synopsis: China, 1942. The Chinese leaders acting as Japanese puppets are assassinated one after another. In order to catch the “phantom,” the spy within the intelligence sector, the Japanese create a false code and confines the only five people who had access to this code. Each one is individually interrogated with a carrot and a stick, but finding the spy is not easy. The intense psychological warfare between the five agents and intelligence officers climbs to its climax as friendship is tested against the moral duty to sacrifice oneself for the country.

*Movie synopsis and picture courtesy of