Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coconut's High Five..

Our little puppy Coconut is one smart pooch.. she learned a new trick.. the high five.. She'll be 6 months old on September 24th! Time flies by.. we got her when she was only 3 months.. She just got a haircut too and looking like a typical Westie now.. ADORABLE!!

Before and after pictures after the groomers...

Little Coconut:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni's Magic...

So San Diego decided to have a blackout on the same exact night of Fashion's Night Out.. what. a. total. bummer. Literally the whole county and surrounding areas went completely dead around 3:30pm on 8 September.. Power didn't come back on until about 10:30pm for us in Mission Valley, thus completely missing all of FNO.. I'm still upset over it.. whatever.. fashion is everyday right?!

I think today, 13 September 2011, should go down in history as one of the biggest designer sales at Target... What a shopping frenzy it created across the US and worldwide for that matter.. I'm not sure if Target.com delivers internationally, but let me tell you, it took a good hour to even log on to the website this morning.. I was greeted with a "Woof" and message that they were so popular that their site was down but to wait my place and the page would constantly refresh and I would get my chance to peruse the website.. Was I in a "virtual line"?? A website is making me wait my turn to shop?! Seriously?? I went into semi panic mode because all hopes of getting my Missoni luggage I had been pining for was slipping through my keyboard tapping fingers.. I couldn't do anything.. helpless if you will.. Just had to wait out the virtual line and possibly go to the nearest Target on my lunch break to see what was left.

Isn't the ad just beautiful.. kinda makes you smile right??

After about an hour or so I was let into the website which was running pretty slow. I navigated through the pages looking at everything, sometimes re-looking at the items.. Sadly all the luggage items I wanted were beyond sold out.. I did score a couple things that caught my eye...

I'm the newest owner of the following Missoni for Target items.. Officially sometime between 19-24 September when my shipment comes in..

The Missoni black and white zigzag sweater jacket:

The zigzag brown gloves.. sorry about the small picture:

I documented the sad empty shelves at Target.. I figured I'd give it a shot, but 3.5 hours after opening its doors, this is what it looked like.. ransacked.. totally ransacked..

I was texting a friend of mine, Yvonne, and informed her the website was up and down.. she headed to the Target store in Hawaii and said it was just as bad.. women with shopping carts filled with Missoni and fully grown women trying to shimmy themselves into the children's wear.. Luckily she snagged the rainboots.. we both can only hope that they restock the website and shelves so we can get our little fingers on our "Missoni Must Have" list..

I'm still hoping I can get the carry-on swivel luggage (as seen in the picture below - right).. or maybe the 28" larger one available only online.. hmmm decisions, decisions...

...it was like Missoni had performed a magic show and displayed how fast the fashion house was able to make their items disappear..

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fashion's Night Out 2011...

I can remember last year's Fashion Night Out like it just happened! Check last year's blog post here.. It's the time of year again to truly appreciate the world of fashion.. I'm missing the runway for this year's FNO, BUT have no fear, future fashion show coming up on October 1st.. I'll post more information as it becomes available.. Do you crave fashion and can't wait for your next issue of Lucky to come in the mail? Sometimes this is how I feel.. spending hours rummaging through fashion blogs to get inspired or window shopping to see how the designers want you to wear their outfits.. I always try to put my own take in each outfit I create.. kind of my own personal runway if you will. I work a desk job during the week and I still try to get "dressed up".. When you're confident in what you're wearing it gives you a sense of confidence in your own personality.. hold your head a little higher when you take pride in the way you look like.. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what's wrong with looking beautiful INSIDE and OUT?? Will you be attending this year's Fashion Night Out?? Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego will be hosting their version on Thursday September 8th.. I'll be there front and center watching the runway shows and grabbing my swag bag!

...be creative and maybe even jump off the deep end when it comes to putting your wardrobe together...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fun at the Fair...

My brother and his girlfriend Jennifer came to visit San Diego and we went EVERYWHERE... I've been bad about posting the random stuff we did, but I just went through all the fun pictures and I realized that I have a few postings worth out of all the places we went to.. So much fun! I don't get to see my family too often, usually only once a year during the holidays, but now that I live on the mainland, kind of makes it a little easier. I'm trying to convince the bro to move to SD so we were sure to show them all the cool places and fun things to do in the new town as well as some of the nearby towns (future blog posts to follow). On one of the days we headed to the Del Mar Fair.. errrr San Diego County Fair? Whatever the heck they call it now... The day we went I put all "dieting" aside.. I was looking forward to the fried Snickers! I had never had one before and the thought of it was intriguing.. Probably one of the best things I'd ever had... I don't regret one calorie!!

Oh and the games... We didn't win any of the big prizes.. but I wasn't too sad.. I don't have any place to put a bigger than life size monkey..

The rides were pre-ty sweet.. Definitely like the fair rides because it borders that "dangerous" side with all the creaks.. and we definitely rode the ferris wheel.. an absolute must!

Tarot reading anyone?

I brought along my Holga camera.. check out the vintage pics.. Corn on the cob... duh..

...pretending to be a little kid is sometimes so necessary...