Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloweeny Time!!

Reason number 2904820332 to love October.. HALLOWEEN!! It happened again.. I thought all year about what I wanted to be for Halloween and 2 days before celebrating I'm still scouring around looking for a costume.. I had a couple ideas in my head where I perused online and at various costume shops, even while in New York last week and couldn't find anything I liked! I think I'll literally just have to make my costume next year and start early to avoid waiting in line for 30 minutes to purchase a knife from the Halloween super store.. (yeah that happened).. I finally settled on being a pirate which came together nicely last minute.. We headed downtown to officially celebrate Monster Bash.. I've never been in San Diego for Halloween (went to the Playboy Mansion last year) and wanted to see how San Diegans do it.. Despite minor gliches with cabby's that night, we made it and had a ball!!

Maverick flew in for the night...


Downtown chaos at its finest..

I'm not sure what's going on here..

Robotic Love..

Little Coconut got in on the action and turned in her Westie fur for bunny fur!!

...the one night a year it's acceptable to be someone different...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thread Show... Indie Galore...

I attended the Thread show which took place in the Horton Plaza Event Space... It's basically to showcase local indie designers whether it's clothes, jewelry, accessories or artwork.. I missed it last year and I was determined to go this year.. I purchased my VIP pass to score extra time to peruse the goodies and enjoy a glass of champagne before the rush.. I almost didn't know where to start because the space is so large and it was the first time I had ever been there.. Overwhelmed at first but the champagne kicked in and shopping mode ensued..

Here are some pics from my phone so the quality isn't the greatest, but you get the vibe..

Feathers seemed to be all the rage..

And how cute is the Pop Chips girl?!

They had a little photobooth with a twist... Scott Trento was the photog representing DiscoverSD.. take a look at our sweet pic.. "Aloha in the SD".. Legs anyone??

I purchased probably the coolest piece of jewelry ever.. it's this ring/bracelet concoction..

...finding the most unique prettiness in everything I see...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Exhibit Ambush Fashion Show.. Part 1...

If you're into charities and being a do-gooder AND into fashion and art.. this event is for you!! I'll be walking in this year's Exhibit Ambush Fashion Show on October 22nd located at the Horton Plaza Event Space.. Check the deets below:

This 2011 Fall Season; Exhibit Ambush is transforming the runway into an extravaganza. Think of an avant-garde show with a twist. We will be highlighting the oeuvre of awesome fashion and accessory lines that haven't been seen. Our contemporary artists and graphic designers relish in taking risks and will leave you in awe when you see their work. Our staff draws most of their inspiration from their surroundings, social networking, street fashions, research, and the classic underdogs. Fashion and art are an integral part of our culture and lifestyle. This event will give the artists the creative freedom to express themselves. From the moment you walk out of your car; there will be a story unfolding as your enter the venue. All talent will simultaneously be interacting with each other. The fashion industry is constantly changing, and therefore it's important for our designers to keep up with the status quo. The garments in this show will have that shock value that will leave you wanting more.

The event is hosted by Yara Sofia from Ru Paul's Drag Race and will feature Jesus Estrada from Project Runway among many other talented designers from San Diego and others flying in for the show... Get your tickets on I heard they're limited, so get yours ASAP!!

Here's a sneak peek of one of the designers clothing.. This show won't disappoint!! I'm already excited!!

Here's the do-gooder part.. Proceeds go to the Amazon Foundation!! matter where you live, fashion is part of each of our lives...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happiest Place on Earth... DISNEYLAND!!

A couple weeks ago we decided to head to Disneyland aka The Happiest Place on Earth to take part in their Halloween festivities!! Ghosts, Goblins, Villains, the most awesome best!! I love October for not only the fact that it's my Birthday month but also for the fact that it's Halloween!! My favorite of all time!! I feel like I spend all year long trying to figure out a costume and the day before Halloween gets here, I'm completely lost! I had a smile on my face the whole time we were at the Princesses Castle... Check the pics..

The obligatory hat pictures... We sorta thought we were pirates..

You can't see it, but the sign to the far left says no stroller parking... apparently nobody can read.. Oh and also "It's a Small World"...

Me and Jessie from Toy Story go way back.. I mean I was born in Texas..

I didn't get to meet the Princesses THIS time, but I did visit their castle..

I mean I was seriously excited for the overall day... BEST. PICTURE. EVER..

...sometimes you just have to take the leap to find happiness...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cosmopolitan Magazine.. Bachelor of the Year Announcements!!

The nationwide magazine Cosmopolitan, just announced the 2011 bachelors of the year by state and someone very dear to me won for the state of HAWAII!! Each contestant must be nominated by someone.. ahem.. I may have nominated the winner for Hawaii.. ok, yes, yes I did..

Chris Pemberton is Hawaii's Cosmopolitan Bachelor of the Year! He's in the running to be the official Bachelor of the Year for the magazine and needs your vote!! They just put up the pictures and voting starts TODAY.. Official media announcements won't be until 5 October.. You can vote ONLY ONCE between now and October 16th.. PLEASE DO THIS AND PASS ON TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!!

You can read his mini profile online and click the link to vote.. it'll ask for your name/address info but you don't have to purchase anything, it's to know you're only voting once and a legitimate vote.. Ok.. what are you waiting for?? Vote now!! :)

The winner will be announced in the November issue of Cosmopolitan magazine!!!