Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I don't really do watersports so much, mostly because I've just never tried.. BUT I got the opportunity to try a variety of water activities at the Hawaii Watersports Center located in Hawaii Kai on the east side of Oahu... I brought along my friends Heidi and Rita to partake in the sun, water, and duh, FUN!!!

First up was wakeboarding.. I forgot my camera for this particular segment BUT this is what I looked like:

*photo courtesy of wakegirls.com

Ok, maybe I didn't get crazy and 'bout it, 'bout it like that, BUT for a first-timer I stood up each and every time I tried and for a long while! DOMINATION if you will.. You can check out episode 5 of Hawaii HI-Lights for the coverage if you're doubting me.. I will say that the second time I stood up for a good minute or so I faceplanted pretty hard, so hard the water took my board right off my feet and I had to swim to put it back on under the water!! Really testing my stamina here... BUT it was pretty amazing and I'd definitely try it again..

Next up was bumper tubing! Again, never tried this before. It's basically a way to get those on this circular tube to fall off while going at mach speeds by whipping the boat around from side to side and if you're not holding on to dear life, you're done for. The middle was supposed to be the safest spot but Rita had a hard time holding on and each time either me or Heidi ended up in the water, Rita was right there with us. I must say that we gave the boat driver a hard time trying to knock us off.. Because we're awesome..

Lastly, we tried banana boating! It's looks super mellow and fun right? WRONG.. Well it was fun, BUT again, like bumper tubing, it was just trying to get us OFF that banana while making you bounce up and down... ummmm.. yeah.. bouncing.. It was pretty entertaining I'm sure.. we decided to ride backwards for a short while to change it up.. recommend for sure..

All in a days work to film, hang with the girlfriends, and tan in the sun on the back of a boat..

...sunkissed by the Hawaiian sun...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hawaii Socialites...

It's funny how I always dub my girlfriends as the "Hawaii Socialites", but it's more in a fun way and not literally. BUT, we are now OFFICIALLY the Hawaii Socialites!! Cydney Chu from Pearl Ultralounge set up a philathropic event where once a month we come together to help fund a different cause. Yesterday's event held at Pearl benefitted the Hawaii Foodbank where we all donated 3 (or more) canned goods for the charitable agency. What FUN! I get to help a good cause AND hangout with my most awesome girlfriends while doing it?! Sort of a no-brainer..

Socialite: (adj. noun): is a person who participates in social activities and spends a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained. Socialites use their social skills and connections to promote and raise funds for various charitable or philanthropic activities.

Beautiful girls... They keep my spirits up..

...trying to make even the smallest of differences in others lives..

*Photos by Mark Ramelb.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Counter.. Trying To Be A Foodie...

So I've been having to film some restaurant segments for Hawaii HI-Lights.. we basically go to different restaurants and learn about their style of cooking, unique drink concoctions, and talk to the staff about their line of business.. It's crazy to think this whole process occurs behind the kitchen doors of a restaurant for two meals when we film, when in a lunch rush the kitchen staff is in control of thirty meals (or more) to get out to hungry customers.. Much respect I tell you.. Anyways, it gives me the opportunity to check out different restaurants and sample their food!! I get to film, learn how to make new libations, AND eat the food?!?! BUT, sometimes this may require me to cook my own food.. THAT I'm not so sure I'm stoked about.. It gets pret-ty hot back there at an industrial sized grill!!

The Counter specializes in creating 312,120+ different burger combinations making every burger as unique as each customer. Rarely is the same burger made twice in one day.

Getting taught how to make a lychee-tini!!

Big Koa had some cooking to do.. luckily, he was the hands behind the grill.. (I can't let the heat affect my voluminous hairdo!)

After our burger dishes were cooked, it was time to sample the food! Sharing is caring!!

Group shot.. Thanks Glenda and Sam!


..I.. Love.. Food..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's the time??

So not only do I obsess over handbags and shoes, I also obsess over hand watches.. I mean, they go on your wrist in complete visible sight and typically no matter what you're wearing they'll be seen. I'm always trying to match up my outfits with my watches but lately I've been mostly going back and forth between 2-3 of my favs that are easy "go to" watches. My number one watch is the Nixon Kensington in All Gold. I'm going through a massive gold phase right now and it's never let me down.. I like that it's so brightly gold and with a huge face, but it's got this delicate touch to it. I don't like wearing it too tight, but more like a bracelet. It's fabulous:

So up next on my list is this new little gem. The Michael Kors "Jet Set" Chronograph watch in rose gold.. WHAT?? Gold, but not gold, but rose gold.. ummmm.. sold! And at a mere $250.00... Well, I haven't actually bought it... YET...

I couldn't help myself so I checked out the latest from the Nixon site and I did spot this other piece, The Ceramic.. and yours for only $2000.. enter dream cloud...

...time will tell..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Manolo Blahniks!!

So a couple weeks back I blogged about a shoe contest called Sex and the Shoe.. The finals for the contest was June 3rd at Pearl Ultralounge where the 6 girls who won over a period of 3 separate weeks (1st and 2nd place) came together to compete once more for those precious Manolo Blahnik's among other prizes.. I'm not going to lie, I was anxious for the night and wasn't sure my little Betsey's had what it took to win it all.. Of the 6 girls competing, I knew 2 others, my friend Giselle and my co-worker/friend Kate. I was third in line to go up on the stage and show my stuff and work my little toes off. I've done a million fashion shows on that stage and for some reason doing this contest made me a little nervous and I didn't even have to show my face because we hide our faces behind a pink umbrella so the judges would pay attention to our legs/shoes..

Here it was.. the moment our feet had been waiting for.. Announcing the top 3 winners.. Giselle got 2nd runner up with her black chunky jeweled Sam Edelman heels! 1st runner up went to a girl donning Paris Hilton heels that were black and a bow on each side of the shoe. First place and winner of THE MANOLO BLAHNIKS!!! Brigitte Patton!! WHAT?! I won?! Yup, that was my name they called!! OMG! I got my crown for the night (literally wore a little rhinestoned tiara), picked up my prizes which consisted of gift certificates from Fashionista's Market, Sephora, and some other goodies, AND 24 white roses.. I was told my grand prize shoes would be given to me at a separate party put on by sponsor Skyy Vodka the following week where a limo would pick me up and take me to the celebration! EXCITED!!

Time arrived for the big day.. enter my H2 limo ride to Dole Cannery which is where Skyy Vodka was having their Sex and the City/Sex and the Shoe festivities... I had no clue the limo was going to be an H2 Hummer.. What a surprise! Totally arrived in style..

Upon entering the ballroom, I was greeted with movie tickets to watch Sex and the City.. again.. good thing I don't mind fashion and the movies.. Also provided were boas and fedora hats to get in the fashionable groove.. I chose a white and gold boa for my outfit.. Enter the ballroom doors.. It seriously felt like Prom night! Snapped a few shots with friends and proceeded through..

I was completely amazed at how nice the party was set up! They had a candy bar, fruit bar, sushi, dim sum, crab cakes.. and everything tasted so good!! Did I mention it was open bar?! I kept drinking a concoction called The Sophisticate which had the X-Rated liquer with champagne and raspberries.. oh so tastey..

THEN.. it was Manolo Blahnik time.. all the other finalists received shoes that night too!! My name was called to come up on stage for presentation of the grand prize.. I was given my first new pair of Manolo's!! The Corslace.. And the name is exactly how the shoe was designed.. the heel has a corset going up the back and the top and ankle parts are covered in black lace.. So vintage!! Love it!

On stage pose of the winning shoes! My Betsey Johnson's!!

Of course what kind of night would it be if I didn't have some sort of mini photoshoot with my surroundings?? This is my party pose..

..my feet will now rest on $765 worth of pure bliss..

*event photos by Mark Ramelb and Elliot Takane.

Friday, June 11, 2010

America's Next Top Model: Anya Rozova!

I had the pleasure of meeting up and interviewing Anya Rozova, runner up of America's Next Top Model! I mentioned a few blog posts down, that she participated in the Chic in the City/Cirque Du Culture fashion show with me, so we caught up with her to find out how she got involved in the organization and her experience on the show with beauty bombshell Ms. Tyra Banks... You'll have to keep watching Hawaii HI-Lights every Sunday at 10:30pm on KITV/ABC to find out what she had to say.. hint hint.. She's such a nice bubbly girl and so very down to earth.. She has the cutest accent and spoke with such poise and passion.. When she takes pictures, she transforms into supermodel, so you'll be seeing more and more of this girl I'm sure of it.. Location of filming took place at Deuces Hawaii since they were the shoe providers for the aforementioned fashion show.. Post interview, we decided to take some model shots.. duh...

I also got to interview founder of Chic in the City, Amanda Stevens of Dream On Consulting..

..racing for the cure..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Heart Handbags...

So I'm going through a phase of wanting a top notch designer handbag.. I haven't actually bought one in a long while.. my purchases lately have consisted of H&M, Forever 21, and some random boutique ones with that vintage feel and can handle all the crap I throw at it, in it, on it, you get it... So this past weekend I was wandering around the mall with actual "things I need to pick up" and found myself inside, Miu Miu, Prada, and Chanel.. I could feel my wallet cringing from any impulse buying that may arise.. At the end of my shopping journey, I didn't end up making any dents to my credit card.. BUT that doesn't mean I'm not going to make one in the future! A few of the bags I've either had my eye on or want to buy have been banging around in my head.. Need.. to.. settle.. my.. new.. purse.. urge..

First up was Miu Miu's fabulous ruched handbag with a darker brown color, which I believe is called Jute, with gold hardware. Retailing for $1495.. this is my top fav at the moment..

Next up is Chanel.. I actually initially saw the bag in a beigy pink color which I prefer over the black.. This was around the $2K mark.. So classic with their quilted pattern and I loved the boxy-ness of it which helped it feel sturdy.. Love it!

Last is Balenciaga.. I've been going back and forth on this bag for quite some time.. I like the asphalt color this has because it can match just about anything you wear from your closet.. I think this is around $1500...

There was one other bag from Prada that was to die for in their new summer 2010 collection but I couldn't grab a picture.. Check out the store for their new ruched bags... again.. to die!!

...toting around our precious goods in style...

Monday, June 7, 2010

North Shore Polo...

So every Sunday (during the Polo season), the Hawaii Polo Club on the North Shore hosts polo matches that start around 2pm.. Festivities usually go into dusk and sometimes if it's a super party night, go until the sun has long gone down.. It's a time to hangout with friends, BBQ, enjoy a polo match, and the North Shore scenery.. Can't beat the view of a polo match with the backdrop of Mokulei'a Beach and mountains.. Only in Hawaii.. le sigh..

So before the match started, we filmed a segment for Hawaii HI-Lights.. Nicole and I got a lesson on how to appropriately hold the mallet.. (ignore that obnoxious port-o-potty in the back)

We were awaiting our horses and picked which one we were going to ride.. I desperately was hoping that I would remember how to ride a horse from my weekly lessons I had growing up in England.. It all came rushing back to me.. but I was still a little rusty.. How I've missed riding those little beauties..


...to Sundays spent on the North Shore..

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cirque Du Culture...

I love doing runway shows.. it's such a fun adrenaline rush to get out on stage and model fabulous clothing, especially when it's a one of a kind piece made by local designers.. Obviously the idea is to hopefully produce multiple clothing pieces, but at the time, it's the only one in existence.. I was asked to do the Cirque Du Culture show in combination with the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation.. This organization hits me personally so I was excited to be a part of it. The fashion event showcased local designers in Hawaii with an eye for couture, style, and creativity with a circus theme. Obviously, there's some prep time for a fashion show.. even though the whole shebang lasts about ten minutes, it takes hours to get ready.. Hair.. Makeup.. Wigs (if necessary).. Accessories.. Shoes.. all the little details to make a grand show..

Some pre-show backstage pictures:

Check out the high ponytail I got and crazy blue eye shadow, Loke did a good job on my makeup!!

My designer was Jodi Salmonson, who lives in Kailua and is a graduate of the University of Hawaii's Fashion Design Program.

On stage pose:

I'm loving the vintage looking swimsuits made by Suzanna Kuhlemann! (How fierce is this girl?!)

I even got to share the stage with Anya Rozova, the runner-up of the tenth cycle of America's Next Top Model.. She's got an awesome walk.. (from what I could see from our backstage view).

Post show photo sesh:

After the show, part of the event package was a private viewing with all the attendees to watch Sex and the City 2 at Dole Cannery! What a perfect ending to the night..

...couture, fierce, fashion.. life..

*photos by Mark Ramelb Photography, unless noted (backstage pics from my personal camera).