Tuesday, October 26, 2010

EDITION Hotel.. Morimoto.. Loveliness..

I'm so slacking in posting up a ton of stuff I have on my computer.. I blame relocating across 2500 miles and all the things that came with it like packing, and the coordination that comes along with it.. BUT at the same time, I was spending oodles of time with my good friends and piling on the memories... So these next few blogs will probably be dedicated to my last few days in Hawaii.. *tears*

When I got my apartment packed up at the infamous Piikoi Plaza, I had to find a place to stay until I officially left the island. I decided on the new EDITION hotel. I stayed there while they were having their soft opening before the crazy madness kicked in (it felt like my own private hotel because there was barely anyone there) the week after where apparently Christina Aguilera, Whitney Port, and some other fab guests made appearances.. At least I can say I stayed at the boutique hotel before everyone else did and broke the beds in (insert bed jumping picture here from my previous Birthday blog)..

With that said, here's is my honest opinion about the hotel... I love it, it's this perfect feeling that you get when on the mainland, i.e. California, but then you're still in Hawaii and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that feeling.. So many details went into this hotel.. the "smell" that emits from all around which is apparently made specifically for the EDITION (which by the way is the first of about 5 that will eventually be built, the next one is planned for Istanbul) it's this cedar wood mixed with a masculine/feminine sweet smell and I love "wearing it" via lotion, shampoo, and conditioner (yes they provide this in the room).. Other things about the hotel like how they change the set up of the pool at night to beds for lounging rather than pool chairs for tanning.. The fact that my new favorite restaurant, Morimoto, is conveniently located right inside the new gem is definitely a huge selling point (for those that don't know, Morimoto was on Iron Chef and A-Mazing).. What I didn't like is the lack of communication with the hotel. I tried having my Birthday party at Morimoto and it didn't work out because I was tired of communicating and basically having to be the one to call them all the time even when they said they would contact me back.. OH and if you want bathroom privacy, it's a little difficult with the little wood slits that open and close which separate the bathroom to the bedroom (you can hear EVERYTHING).. They have a few kinks here and there but after a few run throughs and some tempermental guests, they will hopefully figure it out.. BUT, this hotel is beautiful and you should check it out if on vacation in Hawaii..

Here are some pictures I snapped at the hotel:

Morimoto's Restaurant (I ate here about 3 times in 1 week):




Behind a moving bookshelf lies a bar.. the Lobby Bar.. After dinner on my last night, we found ourselves... taking more pictures.. *photos courtesy of Mark Ramelb*

OH and there's a new little loungey club called Crazybox (again, that's going to have to be another blog post since this one is getting lengthy)..

...no matter where my travels take me, I hope to have a comfy pillow under my head to take on the next day...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birthday Birthday Birthday...

So 2010 has been a pretty crazy year to say the least, so many opportunities and adventures.. I recently celebrated by Birthday at Nobu in Waikiki (you're probably going to read a few more Hawaii posts even though I've moved to San Diego because I have some major catching up to do) and it was definitely a milestone year. I had to celebrate the big day a week early because I was scheduled to be in San Diego for my actual Birthday.. Let's just say that it was amazing.. All my friends came and we had to use up 3 separate tables to hold everyone! The food was super tastey, we ordered pupu's, sushi rolls, tempura, of course I had to have a lychee martini, and to complete the meal, one of my presents comprised of Red Velvet cupcakes from famed Hokulani! I die!! It was definitely a memorable night and I didn't want it to end.. (I'll get to that later).. A big thank you to all my friends for making me super happy as you do everyday, but this night was extra special!

Here are a few pictures from the night thanks to Mark Ramelb and his photog skills...

Since it was SUCH a milestone (I'm not telling you what age I turned.. sorry), I had to have the most perfect Birthday dress.. I actually had a dress made a few months back with the intention of wearing it to another big event, but it wasn't ready in time so I was saving it for another AWESOME occasion.. My Birthday was obviously a good choice! I got the dress from designer Bekah Tuggy off Etsy.. I had Bekah slightly change the neckline from the more straight across look to a deeper sweetheart and I LOVE it! The dress is originally from design label Camilla and Marc and she nailed it, the dress was an exact replica of the original design and for more than half the price! Plus, something always makes me feel good about supporting artists..

SO here's the original Camilla and Marc dress "Elodie Rose":

And here's my version(s).. complete with tiara and cupcake accessories.. and ludicrous friends...

So remember how I said I didn't want the night to end?? I had a little slumber party with a couple of my girlfriends, Heidi and Giselle, at the hotel I was staying in, the brand new EDITION (Don't worry, that deserves a blog post all on its own and I'll get right onto that one next).. We made perfectly good use of the amenities inside the hotel room as well as outside the hotel, while drinking Sophia champagne because it was soooo necessary (room sevenseventeen will never be the same):

And we OBVIOUSLY had to make sure the beds were up to par for our backs:

Needlesstosay, the hotel room met our standards for the first night..

My friends and I are really big into multiple Birthday celebrations too.. We're planning a trip to San Francisco this weekend to continue on the madness... I mean.. duh right? Makes sense.. so bonus for me, I get to hang with my girls Heidi and Giselle AGAIN in SF!! (additional blog post to follow.. they're stacking up, but I'll get to all of them once I get my life situated here in San Diego).

Bay area... HERE WE COME!!

*Photo courtesy of www.bayareasolargroup.com

...somehow each year I age, life gets that much better thanks to those I surround myself with...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Aloha Hawaii... Hellllooo San Diego.. 10/10/10

After spending 5 years, 2 months, and 15 days in paradise, I made the trek over the Pacific ocean, 2,500 miles, to San Diego... Hawaii has given me so many opportunities and memories that I will never forget and not just because of all the pictures we took, but the way the people that live there made me feel. The way the warm ocean felt between my toes and soft sand beneath my extra large beach towel at the pristine beaches.. I made some pretty amazing friends and I honestly don’t think anyone could have had a better group of people surrounding them.. and so many of them! I always felt so welcomed on the islands and for someone who grew up as an Air Force brat moving from location to location, I’ve had my fair share of feeling out of place and not happy with constantly being in a new environment. I’ve never felt so happy living in a state before and actually whole heartedly call it “home”. People think they may get “island fever” and claustrophobic if they’re surrounded by water.. When that feeling kicked in, I simply got on a plane and headed somewhere fun for a weekend and came right back to Hawaii and it was always a comforting feeling coming back home. Especially after cold snowy winters (last year I went to Alaska for Christmas), so after the cold, being able to head to the beaches and work on my tan after the holidays always felt so perfect.. I crave the sun.. I will miss the rainbow state, but I will never forget what I was given.. great friends, perfect scenery, opportunities in the modeling/acting industry, the best sushi aside from Japan and even then there’s some fierce competition, and aloha... This Texas girl’s heart will always be in Hawaii..

Not only did I move to San Diego, but one of my best friends Giselle also made the move! Ummmmm, trouble what?? SO in normal fashion, we of course threw a going away party at RumFire.. All of the important people in our lives stopped by.. and IF you couldn’t make it, we forgive you.. sort of.

We love our photogs Mark Ramelb and Eugene Hopkins..

Hanging with my girls..

Sometimes you just gotta dance and have a good time and let the randomness happen..

...rainbows forever in my eyes...

*Photos by Mark Ramelb