Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kyler Kwock Photo Sesh...

A couple weeks ago I did a photo sesh with Hawaii resident Kyler Kwock.. After months of gathering photos and inspiration for a potential, yet unplanned, photo shoot, Kyler asked if I wanted to do a little session to freshen up our portfolios.. I happily agreed, sent off my photos for inspiration for the shoot, and he suggested downtown Honolulu for the location... Anything with brick walls or old windows to get a vintage/romantic feel... After scoping out the area for awhile and finding random backgrounds here and there, I think we found some great spots!! What a talented photographer.. he did wonders with lighting and camera angles... I think we accomplished our mission, all in about an hour and a half!!

The dress I purchased from Modcloth. I haven't even had the opportunity to wear it to an event.. figured a photoshoot would be the perfect debut... The accessories are from Forever 21, my absolute fav for jewelry (except for the single pearl ring.. that's real).. Lace detail.. heart it..

We found a cool graffiti wall so I gave a quick pose for fun..

This was our secret alley that we stumbled upon.. it was PERFECT!! My dress is this great mix of tan and light brown with a slight sheen to it.. paired up with my chunky necklace, gave a nice soft antique look I was going for (all from Forever 21.. surprise!!). Ruffles galore..

Kyler is well known for his wedding photography and commercial prints.. be sure and look him up for any jobs you may need!!

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